De Anza Animal Clinic

The South Valley's Friendly Neighborhood Veterinary Clinic!



  1. Where are you located?

    We are located at the southern end of the South Valley, just north of Isleta reservation. Our office is 5.5 miles south of Rio Bravo on Isleta Blvd on the west side of the street.

  2. Do you have low income programs or payment plans?

    Unfortunately we are not able to offer a low income service program or payment plans at this time, however we do work with various third party programs including the SNAP program, the PAWS program, and CareCredit which can help you with your veterinary needs.

  3. Do you go by appointments or can I just walk in?

    We do go by appointments. If you would like to walk in, or have an emergency with your pet, you can come in right away, however there is a an additional fee, and there may be an extended wait for our doctors to become available. We reccomend you call us to schedule an appointment, or before you come to make sure we can assist you as soon as possible.

  4. Does Medicaid or Medicare cover my pets?

    No, neither Medicaid or Medicare will cover the cost of your pets veterinary needs, however there are several pet care insurance providers that are inexpensive and can easily help you with your veterinary needs.

  5. Do you provide house call service?

    Yes, we can do house calls, provided we have both doctors present and an appointment has been made specifically for that purpose. We limit the distance to which we provide house call service to within 5 miles of our clinic. House call appointments can only be made for yearly wellness services (vaccinations, heartworm tests, etc.) and euthanasias.

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Pet Health

  1. Is my pet too old for vaccinations or spay/neuter?

    So long as your pet is determined to be of good health and a safe candidate for vaccinations/sterilization by the doctor, there is no reason why your pet needs to be excluded from such procedures.

  2. Does my dog really need Heartworm prevention?

    YES! Heartworm disease is one of the most common life-threatening diseases we see. Should your pet contract Heart worms, treatment is expensive, painful, and at this time not available due to a shortage of the drug used in treatment. Heartworm preventative is affordable, easy, and readily available.

  3. Do you crop ears/tails or remove dewclaws?

    Yes, We do offer tail docking and dewclaw removal for puppies that are no more than 4 days old, however we do not offer ear cropping at this time.

  4. Do you declaw cats?

    Yes, we do offer declaw procedures, however it may be more appropriate for your cat to have a tendonectomy surgery than a full declaw. Please call us and we can explain the differences to you in detail and assist you in making the best decision for your pet.

  5. How often does my pet need vaccines?

    All pets should be vaccinated yearly. Puppies or kittens need to have a full series of vaccines starting at 6 weeks, with boosters every 3 weeks after that until they are 16 weeks old. We have several package deals available that are all inclusive and can save you up to 15%.

  6. Does my indoor pet really need vaccines?

    Yes, all pets within the state of New Mexico are required by law to have Rabies vaccinations. Also certain diseases like Canine Parvovirus and Feline Upper Respiratory Disease are extremely contagious and can be transmitted to your pet without direct contact with other animals. Young animals are particularly susceptible to these kinds of infections. Vaccinations are critical for  your pet's overall health.

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