De Anza Animal Clinic

The South Valley's Friendly Neighborhood Veterinary Clinic!


Quotes My husbands family has used De Anza for years. Since I married my husband that is the only vet we use. They are very good at getting us in when a pet is sick. They also were very carring when we had to put on of our cats to sleep. Yvette is awsome and she always asks about our family. They are a great vet and we will never change. Quotes
Jaime Smoot

Quotes You guys are awesome! =) Quotes
Celestina Lucero

Quotes Everyone here is ALWAYS wonderful! I love you guys! Quotes
Debbie Trujillo
Great clinic!

Quotes Everything was excellent, the staff was very friendly and quick to see to our needs, and were able to take care of all our concerns. Quotes
Joseph & Elizabeth Chavez

Quotes I felt very safe and comfortable for my girl Holly while she was at De Anza. Quotes
Michelle Garcia

Quotes DeAnza Animal Clinic has been providing our veterinary care since 1998. As a rescue group, our needs are varied and often involve complicated cases requiring skill, patience and compassion - qualities which are abundant in the veterinarians and staff at DeAnza. We enthusiastically recommend DeAnza Animal Clinic without hesitation. Quotes
Judy Paulsen
Greyhound Companions of New Mexico